April 27, 2011

Hayley Now Answers the Phone

Tonight, the phone rang at dinner.  I asked Hayley to grab to phone.  She did and she answered it too.  She said: "hello."  She listened and handed the phone to Jonas.  She said that they asked for him.  And that her friend Sahara is allowed to answer the phone at her house.  Jonas answered, listened and said: "Sure."

Ha!  It was a political survey call.  He was on the phone for a bit and I could tell that he was regretting agreeing to the survey.

One thing is clear.  We need to teach Hayley how to screen calls.


Drea said...

Ha ha ha! Poor Jonas! I think, once my kids are old enough to start spending time at friends' houses they're going to come away thinking that I'm a crazy paranoid hermit lady. I don't answer the phone if I don't recognize the number (I HATE talking on the phone so if I don't know you, it's not happening, leave a message) and when a stranger knocks on the door I ask them to be quiet so I can check the peephole to see who it is. Hmmm, maybe I am a crazy paranoid hermit lady... Spending so much time home, alone, while Sam is away makes me VERY cautious about who I open the door to.

Jen Greyson | Author said...

Mine are already carrying calculators around in their pockets practicing. the 4 year old says, "shhh. I'm on the phone!" Wonder where he gets that from!

thanks for riding the train today! Swinging by to say hi! LOOOVE your blog design!

The Survival Mama

Sabrina said...

My girls haven't started answering the phones yet, makes me a bit nervous about what they will say, lol.

I'm a new follower from FMBT.
Sabrina http://4mykiddos.blogspot.com

The Pressley Family said...

New FMBT follower:) pressley4.blogspot.com

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Haha how cute!

I just found your blog through one of the blog hops! Have a great rest of the week.

Amanda @ www.nutritionistreviews.com

TanyasTreasureTrove said...

Hi! Following you from F.M.B.T!
Hope you visit me and return
the follow!:0)

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