May 28, 2011

Worst Day Ever...

That is...according to Hayley.  She had a pretty rough day.  It started out great though.  Jonas took her, Ryan and a friend to see Kung Fu Panda 2.  And they all loved it.  After they returned home, the girls went over to their friend's house to play. 

The only thing bugging Hayley at this point was this enormous bug bit that has morphed into something scary.  In fact, I marked the edges with a marker before she went to bed last night to be able to tell if it had spread in the morning.  She has this huge area of read splotchy skin that we've covered in itch cream and kept her on an antihistamine to help clear it away.  It's looking...better.

So, since things were cozy at the neighbor's house, Jonas and I ran a couple errands with Baby Jack.  After we returned, I ran over to neighbor's to chat and check on the girls.  Things just seemed to go downhill from there.

First, Hayley and her friend were not getting along.  And for reasons unknown, Hayley was hysterical.  She was sobbing.  Normally, she argues back and things are kosher.  Hayley and her friend have this love/hate thing.  They can't live with each other, but they can't live without each other.  It's funny most of the time, but not today.  I decided the best thing to do was to take the girls home.

Hayley still cried and cried.  She even cried as she swung on her swing and told her daddy about her troubles.  It was such a sad little scene.  She said that it was THE WORST DAY EVER!  And that if her friend acted like that again it was over.  Wow, the drama.  And she's only 6.  After she finally calmed down, I got the girls in the tub.  And I informed them of the brownies I had baking in the oven.  When I took them out of the oven, Hayley ran down to smell them...and I kid you not...she burnt her lower lip on the pan. 

And you know, burns always hurt worse, later.  Ten minutes or so later, she was in agony.  I got her a cold pack and made a baking soda paste for her lip.  I failed to retrieve a Q-tip for the application, so I sent Hayley upstairs to retrieve one.  And then, on her way back down, she tripped and hurt her foot.  She was hurt from head to toe, literally.  And again, she exclaimed that it was THE WORST DAY EVER!

And now, Hayley is finally asleep.  She passed out on the couch watching a movie.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for her.  We have a fun day planned, so hopefully that will bring her out of this little funk.  It's hard to watch your child have such a crummy day, it makes me sad too. 

May 26, 2011

When Mommy's Sick...

When Mommy's sick, is seems like the whole house falls apart.  Mostly to me.  Things still get done.  Hayley makes it to and from school.  The kids still get baths.  Jack is still fed, even though I feel I may fall from the chair at times.  Homework gets done.  The kids are entertained, even if it's simply a favorite DVD.  The kids get dressed, even if Mommy stays in her jammies as long as possible.  My hair still get done, no makeup, but I don't feel like a complete wreck if my hair looks nice.  Hayley still gets ready for her baseball game, even though Mommy still forgot the sunflower seeds.  But Hayley's uniform is clean.  Even a dinner of mac and cheese gets made. 

But when Mommy is really sick....Daddy takes a couple of sick days to pick up the slack.  He let's Mommy stay in bed to fight her fever.  Ryan brought me the thermometer numerous times to check my temperature. Yikes: 102.2!  He brings her medicine and food.  He takes care of the kiddos.  He takes Hayley to baseball practice.  And to school.  He takes me to the doctor.  Indulges my Chinese food craving.  I always crave Chinese good when I'm sick.  And even does the laundry.  And the dishes. 

Thank you Jonas, I love you.

May 15, 2011


There's this show on Nick Jr. that I really can't stand.  BUT, the girls LOVE it.  It's just so unfair.  I can handle Yo Gabba Gabba or The Wonder Pets.  However, this show, no.  It grates my nerves.  And what show is this, you ask...

Dino Dan.

I don't know what it is and I just don't know what it's appeal.  The girls love to watch it.  I'm convinced that Dan is a paranoid schizophrenic and those around him are just enabling him.  He's the only one that can see the dinosaurs.  He's obsessed with the dinosaurs.  His days revolve around the imaginary dinosaurs.  And again, no one else sees these dinosaurs. 

So, a few days ago, I decided to have a conversation with Hayley about Dino Dan.  She tells me that she loves it and gets to learn about dinosaurs.  Okay, so that's good.  I guess.  I told her that I was under the impression that Dan possibly had some kind of mental disorder.  She just told me that he was using his imagination.  I pointed out that Dan was the only one that saw the dinosaurs and that I was fairly certain that Dan was suffering from schizophrenia.  And Hayley, not a fan of my disdain for Dan said:

"Mommy!  He just has a POWERFUL IMAGINATION!!!"

I just had to laugh.  Give up.  And I left the girls to continue watching Dino Dan.  Alas.

Dino Dan - 1
Lacy - 0

May 13, 2011

Blue Jets

She's the only girl on her team.  She's been hit with the ball three times so far.  She's scored two runs.  And she's always in her ready stance!  That's my girl!  Hayley is in her first year of baseball and she's loving it.  Even though she's the only girl on the team, it's doesn't phase her or her teammates.  Her team is called the Blue Jets.  Hayley plays rookie baseball.  Basically, they run one base at a time and we don't really keep score.  It's been great, the kids have lots of fun and we have a great group of kids, parents and coaches. 

Getting used to watching rookie baseball has been a little strange.  I always just have to remind myself that many of the kids really don't get baseball in its entirety.  It's the first year for a lot of the kids.  And most importantly, the kids need to be having fun!  And hopefully the adults too, that's a whole other blog!

And yes, above, you read that right.  She's been hit with a baseball three times!  The first time was at practice, she was hit in the knee.  A knee that was already a little banged up!  The second time happened at the second game when she was attempting to catch a ball, in the pitcher's spot, and it bounced up to hit her in the neck.  She sat out the rest of that inning, but recovered by the time her team was up to bat. 

And finally, at the last game, Hayley was first up to bat.  She got a hit and ran to first base and turned around to wave at us.  Neither she or the first baseman was paying attention and she was hit in the back.  I ran out there to talk to her.  I asked if she wanted to score a run and through her tears and sobs, she told me yes.  After a few deep breaths, she was good and soon enough, it was time to run to second.   

The best part about all of it is that Hayley is really enjoying herself and loving it.  Next year she'll be playing softball.  And soon enough, it will be time to sign up for Fall soccer.  I'm not really missing dance class at all!! 

May 5, 2011

A Cart-Nap

I don't know why, but Ryan decided to take a nap today.  Normally, she only naps when she's sick, but she's been completely fine all day.  Before picking Hayley up from school today, I ran to Walmart with Ryan and Jack.  Ryan sat in the cart snuggled up with her Oreos.  I noticed she was a bit quiet, but I was in a hurry.  And soon, I looked down and saw this:

She was out!  I can't imagine that she was comfortable, but she slept.  She slept through me unloading the cart.  She then laid down in the cart and used the diaper bag as a pillow.  And she proceeded to sleep through me loading the groceries around her. (And on top of her too, it was only paper towels!)

Oh, to be able to sleep anywhere.

Spirit Week

Last week was Spirit Weeks at Hayley's school.  I forgot to take a picture for Pajama Day, but oh well.  And she was sick on Friday, so she missed School Color Day.  (All of my kiddos were sick last week, strep, AGAIN!)

Anyway, she had lots of fun dressing up all week.  Here are three of her looks:

Hodge-Podge Day
Hawaiian Day

Favoite Color Day

Stand Alone Guy

Soon, too soon, Baby Jack will be walking.  Why?  Because he can do this:

Yep, he's standing.  And sometimes...he lets go and can stand for a bit.  And the other day, he took a tiny little step from a table to me.  He kinda fell as he did it, but he's getting braver.  Oy!  Baby Jack, I want you to be a baby.  Forever!  Well, not forever, but a bit longer.  He's my last baby, I want to enjoy it as long as I can! 
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