May 13, 2011

Blue Jets

She's the only girl on her team.  She's been hit with the ball three times so far.  She's scored two runs.  And she's always in her ready stance!  That's my girl!  Hayley is in her first year of baseball and she's loving it.  Even though she's the only girl on the team, it's doesn't phase her or her teammates.  Her team is called the Blue Jets.  Hayley plays rookie baseball.  Basically, they run one base at a time and we don't really keep score.  It's been great, the kids have lots of fun and we have a great group of kids, parents and coaches. 

Getting used to watching rookie baseball has been a little strange.  I always just have to remind myself that many of the kids really don't get baseball in its entirety.  It's the first year for a lot of the kids.  And most importantly, the kids need to be having fun!  And hopefully the adults too, that's a whole other blog!

And yes, above, you read that right.  She's been hit with a baseball three times!  The first time was at practice, she was hit in the knee.  A knee that was already a little banged up!  The second time happened at the second game when she was attempting to catch a ball, in the pitcher's spot, and it bounced up to hit her in the neck.  She sat out the rest of that inning, but recovered by the time her team was up to bat. 

And finally, at the last game, Hayley was first up to bat.  She got a hit and ran to first base and turned around to wave at us.  Neither she or the first baseman was paying attention and she was hit in the back.  I ran out there to talk to her.  I asked if she wanted to score a run and through her tears and sobs, she told me yes.  After a few deep breaths, she was good and soon enough, it was time to run to second.   

The best part about all of it is that Hayley is really enjoying herself and loving it.  Next year she'll be playing softball.  And soon enough, it will be time to sign up for Fall soccer.  I'm not really missing dance class at all!! 

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