May 5, 2011

A Cart-Nap

I don't know why, but Ryan decided to take a nap today.  Normally, she only naps when she's sick, but she's been completely fine all day.  Before picking Hayley up from school today, I ran to Walmart with Ryan and Jack.  Ryan sat in the cart snuggled up with her Oreos.  I noticed she was a bit quiet, but I was in a hurry.  And soon, I looked down and saw this:

She was out!  I can't imagine that she was comfortable, but she slept.  She slept through me unloading the cart.  She then laid down in the cart and used the diaper bag as a pillow.  And she proceeded to sleep through me loading the groceries around her. (And on top of her too, it was only paper towels!)

Oh, to be able to sleep anywhere.

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