May 26, 2011

When Mommy's Sick...

When Mommy's sick, is seems like the whole house falls apart.  Mostly to me.  Things still get done.  Hayley makes it to and from school.  The kids still get baths.  Jack is still fed, even though I feel I may fall from the chair at times.  Homework gets done.  The kids are entertained, even if it's simply a favorite DVD.  The kids get dressed, even if Mommy stays in her jammies as long as possible.  My hair still get done, no makeup, but I don't feel like a complete wreck if my hair looks nice.  Hayley still gets ready for her baseball game, even though Mommy still forgot the sunflower seeds.  But Hayley's uniform is clean.  Even a dinner of mac and cheese gets made. 

But when Mommy is really sick....Daddy takes a couple of sick days to pick up the slack.  He let's Mommy stay in bed to fight her fever.  Ryan brought me the thermometer numerous times to check my temperature. Yikes: 102.2!  He brings her medicine and food.  He takes care of the kiddos.  He takes Hayley to baseball practice.  And to school.  He takes me to the doctor.  Indulges my Chinese food craving.  I always crave Chinese good when I'm sick.  And even does the laundry.  And the dishes. 

Thank you Jonas, I love you.

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