May 28, 2011

Worst Day Ever...

That is...according to Hayley.  She had a pretty rough day.  It started out great though.  Jonas took her, Ryan and a friend to see Kung Fu Panda 2.  And they all loved it.  After they returned home, the girls went over to their friend's house to play. 

The only thing bugging Hayley at this point was this enormous bug bit that has morphed into something scary.  In fact, I marked the edges with a marker before she went to bed last night to be able to tell if it had spread in the morning.  She has this huge area of read splotchy skin that we've covered in itch cream and kept her on an antihistamine to help clear it away.  It's looking...better.

So, since things were cozy at the neighbor's house, Jonas and I ran a couple errands with Baby Jack.  After we returned, I ran over to neighbor's to chat and check on the girls.  Things just seemed to go downhill from there.

First, Hayley and her friend were not getting along.  And for reasons unknown, Hayley was hysterical.  She was sobbing.  Normally, she argues back and things are kosher.  Hayley and her friend have this love/hate thing.  They can't live with each other, but they can't live without each other.  It's funny most of the time, but not today.  I decided the best thing to do was to take the girls home.

Hayley still cried and cried.  She even cried as she swung on her swing and told her daddy about her troubles.  It was such a sad little scene.  She said that it was THE WORST DAY EVER!  And that if her friend acted like that again it was over.  Wow, the drama.  And she's only 6.  After she finally calmed down, I got the girls in the tub.  And I informed them of the brownies I had baking in the oven.  When I took them out of the oven, Hayley ran down to smell them...and I kid you not...she burnt her lower lip on the pan. 

And you know, burns always hurt worse, later.  Ten minutes or so later, she was in agony.  I got her a cold pack and made a baking soda paste for her lip.  I failed to retrieve a Q-tip for the application, so I sent Hayley upstairs to retrieve one.  And then, on her way back down, she tripped and hurt her foot.  She was hurt from head to toe, literally.  And again, she exclaimed that it was THE WORST DAY EVER!

And now, Hayley is finally asleep.  She passed out on the couch watching a movie.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for her.  We have a fun day planned, so hopefully that will bring her out of this little funk.  It's hard to watch your child have such a crummy day, it makes me sad too. 

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