June 16, 2011

Another Night Away

Today, Hayley is doing much better when it comes to her fever.  It's gone and hopefully it will remain that way.  She still has that lovely hacking cough, there's still wheezing in her lungs, and her O2 stats aren't as high as they would like them to be, but we're working on that.  She was given this fun little contraption that she's breathing deeply into every hour and she's been given a breathing treatment.  Her mood goes from super happy to super tired.  And she's perfectly content staying in her bed, so I know she's still not feeling her best. 

Earlier, Jonas, Ryan and Jack came to visit.  It's hard being away from each other and Ryan was immediately in my lap.  Once Jack woke up from his nap, he heard me and cried for me to come and get him.  After a little quality time with everyone I took a chance to run home for a shower; which Hayley was not happy about.  She cried and clung to me.  After reassuring her I would be back before her movie ended, she let me go. 

I was back before her movie ended.  The pediatrician came to see Hayley again and reported that her lungs looked better, but they still wanted to keep her another night.  As long as she keep improving, she can go home tomorrow.   I'm hoping/praying for no more fever spikes.   Soon after the pediatrician left, Jonas decided to take Ryan and Jack home.  More tears.  Ryan even told Jonas that she wanted me and Hayley to come home too.  Uh, again, this is so hard.  It's just a waiting game and no one is enjoying this time away from one another. 

And Hayley is missing her class party tonight.  And she missed junk-food bingo in class.  And she will be missing her last day of school tomorrow.  This has truly been a crummy week for all.  I just remind myself that the most important thing is that she is getting better and this was what was best.  It's just extremely poor timing.

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Tony and Becca said...

I hope Hayley gets feeling better soon! I can't even imagine what you are going though! SO glad it wasn't Kawasaki's!

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