June 15, 2011

Can't be Kept Down

And by that, I mean Hayley's fever.  Hayley hadn't been feeling her best for a while, but I blamed her allergies.  My allergies were awful as well, so I figured that's what it must have been.  But still, she just wasn't herself.  She would run erratic fevers.  She complained of headaches and a sore throat.  And then she would be fine.  It was just weird. 

Friday came and I knew she didn't feel well at all.  I kept her home from school and decided to run her to the doctor to run a strep test.  It was positive.  Antibiotics were started.  We had a busy weekend ahead, BBQ's and birthday parties galore.  She was pumped, but still not her cheery self.  And that fever kept popping back up.

Monday came and Hayley went to school.  It's her last week and she didn't want to miss anything.  The afternoon she was running a 103.1 temperature.  I called the doctor and they decided to wait another 24 hours and give the medications a chance.  That night she began to cough.  Tuesday came, it was the last field trip of the year and she wasn't about it miss it.  A good friend was her chaperon that day and promised to keep an eye on her.  When I picked her up that afternoon, she looked miserable.  I called her doctor and didn't even stop at home.

Her pediatrician was worried about a few things.  She was showing signs of pneumonia.  Her fever was 103.3.  She was also showing signs of a rare disease, Kawasaki.  While the doctor was waiting on the strep test, I looked that up on my phone.  Scary.  Those are the times when I need a less smart phone.  The strep test was negative.  The pediatrician wanted to run some more tests.  Then we were off to the hospital for a chest x-ray and blood draw.  Did I mention I also had Ryan and Jack in tow?  And my Hayley, she's a rock star.  She didn't move a muscle during her blood draw!  We headed home to wait for the results. 

The doctor called while we were en route and informed Jonas that she was positive for pneumonia, but they were still waiting for the blood tests.  I called when we returned home and learned there were a few abnormalities in her blood and the doctor was waiting to hear from the infectious disease doctor at Seattle Children's.  Yeesh.  And more waiting.  Finally, the doctor from Children's decided it was best to wait since she wasn't exhibiting any other symptoms of the disease.  Okay, I guess.

This morning, Hayley still had a fever.  I called the nurse to make an appointment for Thursday, as instructed, and the nurse said if she gets worse to call right away.  She seemed worse, she had no energy and her cough for horrible.  She only got out of bed to use the restroom.  That afternoon, her fever spiked.  I immediately called the doctor and was packing up the kids.  My awesome friends, THANK YOU, took Ryan and Jack for me.  The pediatrician decided it was best to admit Hayley to the hospital since she was not responding to antibiotics.  Five and half days of antibiotics!! 

And now, I sit writing this in a chair besides Hayley's bed.  She's doing alright, her fever spiked again.  She did amazingly well when they started her IV, unfortunately she bumped it and bruised it.  The nurse had to place a new IV in her other arm.  She did well again, but there were lots of tears since she was in pain.  It's been an exhausting couple of days and I just want her to get better.  She's miserable being sick and sad to miss her last days at school and her big class party.  She's a little excited to be at the hospital, she's loving the attention, but I know she misses her Daddy, Ryan and Jack.  Now, she's sleeping.  Finally.  It's just sad all around.  And I'm tired.  And sad.   


Mommy and Daddy said...

Praying for you guys. I know what it is like to have a sick kid in the hospital and have little ones at home too. Try and enjoy your time with each other. That is what she will remember the most. Spoil her rotten with movies, popsciles and one on one attention :) Please do not hesitate to ask if you need anything.


Drea said...

Poor Hayley! And poor you! I hope she gets well soon!

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