June 30, 2011

Long Road

Ah, recovery.  It's coming, but it's been taking its sweet, sweet time.  I took Hayley back to the doctor last week, her pediatrician was worried about her fever and that she was still wheezing.  She decided to started Hayley on another round of medication and to repeat the blood work and chest X-ray.  Luckily, the blood work came back improved, but her chest X-ray didn't show any improvement from her last one.  Yippee.

More rest, more breathing treatments.  And since Hayley didn't fight with any of that, I knew she wasn't feeling well.  Still.  We did manage to make it to an awesome Mad Science themed birthday party over the weekend, but Hayley pretty much crashed as soon as we got home.  And we were back at the doctor on Monday since she was still running a fever.  Her doctor wanted to wait a couple more days to repeat the chest X-ray.  If there was no improvement, she was going to be admitted to the hospital again.  Oy.

I handled my stress and anxiety with cleaning.  I figured if there was the possibility of heading back to the hospital, I could leave my house clean and have the laundry done.  A couple days passed and we headed back to the hospital for the X-ray and returned home to wait.  And waited...and waited.  I left a message with the nurse.  And waited some more.  And I cleaned some more.  Then I called again and shared my concern with the nurse.  Finally, the pediatrician called back!

She told me that the X-ray showed mild improvement.  Yeah!  Hayley still needs more rest, but should continue to improve.  She still has a few more days of her antibiotic and as long as she is coughing; we're continuing with her inhaler and breathing treatments.  She also has a follow-up X-ray in a week and a check-up with her doctor.  And another appointment with the allergy/asthma specialist too. 

My poor Hayley-bug has nearly spent the entire month of June sick.  We've been pretty much home-bound the entire time, we get out occasionally.  Honestly, Hayley doesn't even really have any interest in going any where right now.  She says she bored, but she doesn't want to go any where either.  Poor kid!  Hopefully she will kick this soon, so we can get out and start enjoying summer! 

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