June 23, 2011

Slow Recovery

Hayley was discharged from the hospital a almost a week ago and I would love to say that she is all better, but I can't.  Her recovery has been so slow.  Earlier in the week, she seemed well on her way there and that she would be back to her old self.  But then, three days ago I thought she felt a little warm.  I took her temperature and it was only a little elevated.  It's continued to climb all day, but never higher than 100 degrees. 

Even though it wasn't high, there's no reason she should be running a fever at this point.  We've done everything right, we've stayed at home and rested.  Lots of movies, coloring and fluids.  It's been torture being stuck at home on these beautiful sunny days.  I thought maybe the first day was a fluke and waited, but the next day she was running another fever.  She was also tired and stayed in her pajamas all day.  I left a message with her pediatrician's medical assistant since they were out for the day. 

When she called me this morning, Hayley was running another low-grade fever.  We decided to wait it out and see what happened.  I could hear and feel rattling in Hayley's chest throughout the day.  She wasn't feeling well and spent most of the day on the couch.  Her temperature fluctuated throughout the day, but climbed past 100 degrees after the her doctor's office closed.  Figures. 

Presently, her temperature is hanging out around there.  I know her breathing isn't right.  I'm keeping a close eye on her for now and calling first thing in the morning to schedule an appointment with her doctor.  This is getting so old.  I'm so tired and I just want my girl to feel better! 

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