July 15, 2011


Have you heard about this?

Yes, children under the age of six being banned from a restaurant.  Some people agree with this bold move.  And there are some that protest and call it unfair.  But you know, I say...


I said it.  Clue one.  There's no kid's menu.  Clue Two.  Fine Dining.  Can you really blame the owner?  It's on a golf course.   

I have three children, all currently six or under.  We are also a family that enjoys to dine out on occasion.  However, my husband and I have worked hard on teaching our kids how to behave when we go out to eat.  It's paid off.  There's the volume rule, manners, etc.  We bring things to keep them busy.  And if there's any chance of dessert after our meal, they knows their chances of that improve with good behavior.  And then there's Jack.  Yes, it's still a little difficult to control his mood and such.  If it gets to the end of our meal and he's had enough, one of us will simply take him to the car.  No one else in the restaurant should have to listen to my crying child.  Right?!!

Here's the flip side.  It's date night!  Jonas and I get to go out without our kids.  We've hired a babysitter.  I get dressed up.  We've decided to go out and have dinner at a place that does not have a kid's menu.  A place that we can share a bottle of wine.  A place that will probably not involve coupons.  Yes, we will probably go out and talk about our kids.  Because our kids are awesome!  We had to make a reservation weeks ago!  The last thing I want to see or hear is another person's crying or whining child! 

Sorry.  I'm being honest.  We're not going out and spending $$$ on dinner and another $$ on a babysitter to listen to another person's kid scream.  This actually happened one night when we went out.  It was at The Melting Pot.   There was a couple there with their two small loud children.  I was worried about their kid getting burned, thanks people.  I don't expect the restaurant to turn these people away, but I do expect the parents to make better judgements.  If you can't get out without your children, then you should dine somewhere that's appropriate.  Like Red Robin!
I don't like to be judgemental, but I believe that people should be more aware.  People just don't seem to care or they're selfish.  Same thing?  It makes me happy that when we go out to eat that my kids are well behaved.  Most of the time.  Jonas and I always pick places with kid's menus because that's an appropriate place for families.  And there are places that are simply not appropriate for small kids and parent's need to respect that.   

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