July 17, 2011

Peanut Sauce

Maybe it's just coincidence, but maybe my peanut sauce was just the little nudge he needed.  That "he" is Kellan.  He was six days past due in his momma's belly, my friend Mikaela.  (Nine days by another due date that she was given.)

We had invited them over for dinner, pending whether or not Kellan had decided make his debut.  I knew Mikaela liked peanut sauce and planned for that.  My Thai neighbor showed me how to make it, so easy!  I marinated some chicken for skewers.  Jonas grilled it and some corn.  I also made jasmine rice and egg rolls.  And of course, some peanut sauce with just enough red curry for a kick.  They brought a yummy chocolate mousse cake for dessert.

It's funny, later that night they were timing contractions.  They headed home a little while later, I think we were all a little hopeful.

Kellan arrived the next morning.

Yes, he was over due.  Maybe my peanut sauce was that little push he needed.  I think he was finally ready to meet the three fantastic people eagerly waiting to meet him.  Either way, congratulations Erik, Mikaela and Kylah!  He's beautiful!  And thank you for letting us coming to meet him at the hospital, we were all very honored. 

The girls meeting Baby Kellan at the hospital.
Baby Kellan - Shared with permission

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