About the Richmeiers

Richmeier, table for 5 please!  Sometimes I look back and can't believe that we're a family of five! 

We moved to the rainy Northwest nearly five years ago from the mountains of Colorado. It was a tough move for us; leaving everything and everyone behind, but it was the right move. And now, this rainy moss covered place is home.

Jonas and Lacy met a little over 12 years ago in high school at a dance. Yes, we're high school sweet hearts! We've been married for nearly nine years. Life has had its ups and downs, but we've weathered through a lot and are stronger for it. I couldn't see my life without Jonas.

Jonas is my best friend and husband.  He's a great father to our children.  He works hard for his family and enjoys his job as a software engineer.  He enjoys reading and video games.  And, when time permits, he loves to do nothing at all and relax.  Too bad that times doesn't come often enough.  And he occasionally contributes to my blog!  

Hayley is the oldest.  She's a smart girl and loves to read Junie B. Jones.  She's a great big sister and loves her siblings.  (Most of the time.)  She's sweet and kind, with a bit of attitude.  She can be found singing along (loudly) with her iPod and dancing around. 

Ryan is the middle.  She's shy, petite and full of spunk.  She adores her big sister and baby brother.  She loves to help whenever she can.  She's a momma's girl that moonlights as a daddy's girl.  And she's always on the lookout for cookies and chocolate.

Jack - 1 year
Jack is the baby.  He brightens up whenever his sisters come around.  He's now on the move constantly and doesn't not like to be contained.  He's a vocal little guy that just likes to be heard.  He's happy baby and the final addition to our family.         
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